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It is amazing what happens when you fully embrace life. Life embraces you right back just full of love.
It's like life is waiting on you to figure out how beautiful it really is...almost like a woman when she first starts to bloom.  

Just a quick note and oh yeah above is a sneak peak of something awesome now in the shop.


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I recently returned to my original blog on more here.  

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Hello sorry I left you.  I know it's been over 2 years since I've posted here but this week I decided enough is enough.  I have a lot to say and well although I love Tumblr it just doesn't give me the necessary outlet to fully express myself.  I will be candid this decision was also driven by the fact I changed my website for 3 Piece (again!!!) and lost all 5 years worth of blog posts.

After I...

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So today I turn 41...and I don't know what's next to be perfectly honest.

I did not think I would live to be 40 and now I am 41. What's next? Last year I traveled and had an illicit affair with a Young One (11 years my junior). I started another company bringing to fruition a dream I have had since I was 25 years old. I crossed several major milestones off of my 3 Piece and Wonderful Star lists but...

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Okay well here I am again left to pick up the to work through this latest heartbreak we (the collective) will do the work necessary so we can stop this b.s....okay....okay.

Alrighty then so I know I haven't been here for awhile and I have been just living the good life, right.  My name is Jacquelyn Roberts, I am a woman, mother of two and owner of these 2 businesses (JRG, 3 Piece),...

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