About Us

3 Piece was founded on the basic principle of only giving good and beauty to the world.  After contemplating how best to create and give good to the world, a decision was made to start with the senses --- namely smell.  With this decision began, Incidentals Candles, starting in 2004 with just four scents Live, Love, Sing, and Dance.  

All of the products carried by 3 Piece are created from Love; love of dreams made real, love of smell, and love of beauty found in unexpected places.  Great joy is derived from knowing the person who purchases an item from 3 Piece knows there is only one degree of separation from production to end product.  We believe in Hand Crafted.  

3 Piece is often compared to the Phoenix that represents Atlanta continually rising from the old and creating the new, fresh and funky.  

Thanks for stopping by.  If you have a question or just would like to send a direct message you can always reach us via Telephone: 404.969.6518 or  Email: info@3pieceonline.com.