It's My Birthday! It's My Birthday!...01/07/2013

So today I turn 41...and I don't know what's next to be perfectly honest.

I did not think I would live to be 40 and now I am 41.  What's next?  Last year I traveled and had an illicit affair with a Young One (11 years my junior).  I started another company bringing to fruition a dream I have had since I was 25 years old.  I crossed several major milestones off of my 3 Piece and Wonderful Star lists but now what?!

I tell Boy Wonder and Child Genius these stories from when I was a little girl and the more stories I tell them the more I realize I am still that little girl from 2901 Doyle Avenue...unstoppable.  However I do have to pause and think about where do I go next.  There is one item I wish for every year that escapes me life partner but do I just stop living because he's not

I have come to the conclusion that maybe just maybe I should let go of the fantasy that there is someone in this world who will see me completely and not be afraid.  What if he doesn't exist?  It is all a big dream but does that negate my life, my legacy...hell no. 

That is why I posted the Beyonce video below (not sure if I already posted you know I've been here for years) but I AM HERE!!!  Still dancing in the middle of stores and singing at the top of my lungs, still excited about fresh flowers, all music, documentaries and great dinner parties.  I AM HERE still not afraid to give everything I have in my power when I love.  I have affected someone in my walk on this Earth.

So my name is Jacquelyn Roberts, I was born January 7 1972 I am now 41 years old and here is what I know at this point in my journey...
  • Music is my primary language
  • Dance is my secondary language
  • I live for a great dinner party especially when I cook
  • I love new experiences
  • I am silly
  • I love completely and my expectation is that love will be returned (setup for disappointment)
  • I love me and find myself irresistible most days
  • I adore the shape of my breasts
  • I like my circle of friends small 
  • I am allergic to bullshit
  • I speak my mind unprompted
  • I flirt like a teenager
  • I attract male peacocks
  • I am a hermit
  • I love history and documentaries
  • I love making a home
  • I am a work in progress

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