3 Piece Urban Artisan

Established in 2004, 3 Piece Urban Artisan comes to life in three unique product lines: Incidentals Candles, Mi Sala Furnishings and Argent De Lait.  

Incidentals Candles

Our all natural artisan soy and beeswax candles contain no artificial dyes or fragrances.  Our scintillating signature scents are created in house where we utilize essential oils, herbs and resins. Inspired by life's memories our unforgettable scents are the embodiment of great friends and recreations of the divine scents of the city's streets.  All of our Incidentals Candles adhere to true Artisan principles, made by hand and bespoke to your scent tastes.

Mi Sala Furnishings

Our line of home accessories featuring our mixed media art, coasters and trays.  Our mixed media art, coasters and trays capture fleeting moments in time.  All of our mixed media pieces started as an homage to our love of  street art.

Argent De Lait

Our line of textiles including throw pillows, ottomans and tablecloths using fabrics designed by 3 Piece Urban Artisan.  The textile designs are heavily influenced by our travels and love of cultures worldwide.  This line of home textile accessories are designed to enhance your environment with a talisman infused with love and wonder.