Gotta a broken heart again...

Okay well here I am again left to pick up the to work through this latest heartbreak we (the collective) will do the work necessary so we can stop this b.s....okay....okay.

Alrighty then so I know I haven't been here for awhile and I have been just living the good life, right.  My name is Jacquelyn Roberts, I am a woman, mother of two and owner of these 2 businesses (JRG, 3 Piece), owner of a newly reclaimed broken heart...again.

I know you say to yourself how can this wonderful accomplished woman not be able to maintain a healthy loving relationship...yes that is the same question I ask myself constantly.  The answer...shit I don't know.  If I give too little it ends, if I give too much it ends, where is the happy medium?

So I come home where I know the tribe will here me out and chime in with their thoughts...are you even still there?  So I will start this new series from the beginning...yes my very first heartbreak and will not stop posting until I have told all the sad, miserable tales in all their glory.  Ready...well here we go....

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