Well Well Well...Guess Who's Back?

Hello sorry I left you.  I know it's been over 2 years since I've posted here but this week I decided enough is enough.  I have a lot to say and well although I love Tumblr it just doesn't give me the necessary outlet to fully express myself.  I will be candid this decision was also driven by the fact I changed my website for 3 Piece (again!!!) and lost all 5 years worth of blog posts.

After I pulled the switch I thought but what about the history, what about all of time I spent telling my story?  Well guess what it's still here because me being me I consistently follow my grandmother Ola's advice...always have a backup.  That being said it also reminded me that this isn't my backup this is where I started to form my true voice.  In this space is where I felt I had found my tribe.  I hope you all are still here.  If you aren't I am positive new members will join and perhaps some of my old ones will find I'm here again.

I won't promise daily posts because well it's just a lot going on over here in my universe however what I can promise is I will be here consistently.  Deal...deal

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