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Dancing Frees My Soul...product of the week

    Dancing has always been my preferred communication method. Dancing requires you to be completely in control and free at the same time. Dancing Frees My Soul available as a throw pillow, wrapped canvas, canvas poster and now as a cork coaster set. Dancing Frees My Soul is inherently feminine and soft.  Beautiful blues reminiscent of flying amongst the clouds.  Perfect for a glam bedroom or chaise lounge in the library.   Dancing Frees My Soul is also available as a tote bag on our Sassafras Society 6 shop.

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2nd Quarter 2016...wow!

So much has happened in the 1st quarter of this year that I've moved beyond the initial dream and am evolving into a bigger more beautiful dream. 3 Piece has always been my 3rd child.  I've nurtured and loved 3 Piece right along with my 2 human children.  I've made some grand mistakes with 3 Piece the same way I made with Child Genius and Boy Wonder, loving unconditionally along the way. 3 Piece is and will always be personal.  Yes I sell items birthed from the creative spirit that inspires me but these things are personal and have meaning.     jacquelyn aka "3 Piece Urban Artisan" aka "Sassafras" aka "Wonderful Star" p.s.: The Crystal Stair mixed media piece...

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Sassafras on Society6

So after creating a Society6 page for Root Compass: https://society6.com/rootcompass we decided to create one for 3 Piece as well.  We have loaded some of our outtakes that weren't quite coaster appropriate but work in a larger capacity.  We also are offering a lower price point for our throw pillow covers there as well.  Take a look around and let us know what you think: https://society6.com/3pieceonline   jacquelyn

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