3 Piece Household Recipes: Hand Sanitizer

3 Piece Household Recipes: Hand Sanitizer

Ever since last year and we have re-done our courtyard we have been going outside more frequently. We would come back inside from dealing with the fire, grills, and more. So it always felt like we needed something outside too. Until we can have a full outdoor kitchen I thought Hand Sanitizer would do. I know the ones we usually bought are too strong and smell chemically or they can feel sticky. I wanted a better smell and feel.

Now I didn't know how strong 99.9% alcohol smelled, until using it for this hand sanitizer. Knowing the right scent that takes away the chemical scent and leaves a complimentary scent is key.

Hand Sanitizer Recipe:

  • 99.9% Rubbing Alcohol = 5oz
  • Aloe Vera Gel = 3oz
  • Essential Oil Mix: 3 Piece Beloved = 4ml
  1. Put Aloe Vera Gel in bowl then mix in alcohol - Make sure it is thoroughly mixed
  2. Add Essential oil mix

The key here is to thoroughly mix the Aloe Vera Gel in the alcohol or remove the clump of aloe vera gel before putting it in a pump bottle. That is the only way to guarantee you can pump out the hand sanitizer.

For the essential oil mix I like to use the 3 Piece Beloved scent because it complements the lasting alcohol smell while not being chemically at all.

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