3 Piece Household Recipes: Moisturizer

3 Piece Household Recipes: Moisturizer

As my family aged during the winter, we realized our hands dry out fast. Especially after using the bathroom at corporate offices, the soap strips any moisture. So I tried different recipes for moisturizer we could keep in travel pump bottles and maintain in our bathroom. The moisturizer has anti-fungal properties and leaves enough moisture to pump once for both hands.

Moisturizer Recipe:

  • 1.3 oz Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2.2 oz Avocado Oil
  • 1.2 oz Almond Oil
  • .5 ml Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 ml Essential Oil Mix: 3 Piece Flirt
  1. Grab a bowl and add Aloe Vera Gel
  2. Mix with a mixer, whisk, or fork the Avocado & Almond Oil in the bowl
  3. Lightly Mix in the Tea Tree and the Essential Oil Mix
  4. Use a funnel to add the Pump bottle

This recipe was used to fill a 4 oz travel lotion bottle. I used the 3 Piece Flirt scent for my essential oil mix because it smells fantastic with the addition of Tea Tree oil. The key here is to mix the aloe vera gel and oils thoroughly. If you don't, they will separate fast and feel more liquidy. 

This moisturizer has kept for up to 3 months with no problem in a cool area. Make sure to use the aloe vera gel with citric acid already in it for it to last. Otherwise it would only last one week in a cool area.

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