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We absolutely love the NPR Tiny Desk concert series and this gem with Lalah Hathaway exemplifies why.  Please enjoy  

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Here are our Featured Products this week. 1. Word on the Curb Acrylic Tray The original piece was created from newspaper/recycled junk mail/acrylic paint and spray paint.  Our Acrylic Tray's come in 3 sizes and feature the mixed media artwork as an insert. 2. One Man's Trash Apron The original is a mixed media photograph with The Headless Revolutionary in front of a building in Atlanta that has now been torn down for more mixed use compounds. 3. Play Your Hand...Queen Series No. 1 Wooden Coaster Set This series consists of all 4 design collaboration between www.rootcompass/www.wimmiw.com and 3 Piece...

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    One of my all time favorite books is becoming a Movie and Barry Jenkins of Moonlight is directing.  I am beyond excited on this fine Monday Afternoon.  This trailer is everything and a bag of chips.  Get into It..j

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We are making some changes and updating some of the product offerings.  Introducing Wooden Coaster Sets.   Play Your Hand...Watch Your Back Series Wooden Coaster Sets

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  I love this Off Script interview with Jamie Foxx and Denzel Washington.

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