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Well a LOT has been going on here at La Casa 3 Piece. First and foremost I have been concentrating on my health as well as changing diet and incorporating exercise into our lives. Next I have been working on the redesign of the website as well as this here blog. But on a personal note and this is so random however about 3 weeks ago the kids and I were leaving Sushi on Saturday and I happened to...

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So whew quite a lot has been happening since the end of 2008 so I will try to wrap it up quickly.

I posted the Gnarls Barkley video because even though it is a gross fest it still speaks to where I am at this moment, that does not mean that tomorrow won't bring sunshine and rainbows it is just today. I also posted the quote from Malcolm Forbes because it speaks to where I have been for 36 years....

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I have been working on enlarging my work space in my home and rearranging my home. Also preparing for my upcoming birthday celebration. I am changing a lot this year because I truly believe I have chosen to accept many things that are less than I fully deserve. I must take the steps to change this.


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