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Well a LOT has been going on here at La Casa 3 Piece. First and foremost I have been concentrating on my health as well as changing diet and incorporating exercise into our lives. Next I have been working on the redesign of the website as well as this here blog. But on a personal note and this is so random however about 3 weeks ago the kids and I were leaving Sushi on Saturday and I happened to look over and see my first love. Now I could have kept driving however that is just not my personality so I rolled down the window and proceeded to yell at this man about how he had broken my heart 20 years ago and he was the reason I went into the Air Force, as my children sat in the backseat. Well he didn't let a little thing like a crazy woman stop him because he then proceeded to ask if I were married in which I replied "No" then he stated "Please call me". Fast forward 3 weeks and we just have to laugh because who knew that "whatever it is" still lies in both of us, so here we are taking each day step by step both waiting to see how this unfolds. Stay tuned and keep yourselves strapped in because it looks like it is going to be a hell of a ride.

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