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Well we are finally getting some cold weather again here in Atlanta and I like it a little bit. Somehow when I am inside with a fire my creative juices flow ever more so I make a lot of product. Crazy I know. I will however be going to finish the market at Gallery 3131 Buckhead today. I had a good time when I was able to make it. If you can stop by today since this is the last day and all just to...

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3 piece, daily stuff -

photo by Toni Frissell

Well today I woke up refreshed and ready to take part of everything this World has to offer. I was speaking with a customer yesterday about being motivated and she asked "How do you do it?" My response was "I love it, it can be frustrating sometimes I mean I have 3 journals filled with new scent recipes, ideas for pillows, designs for packaging." "But I just have to take one...

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