The World is Mine and Everything in It.

photo by Toni Frissell

Well today I woke up refreshed and ready to take part of everything this World has to offer. I was speaking with a customer yesterday about being motivated and she asked "How do you do it?" My response was "I love it, it can be frustrating sometimes I mean I have 3 journals filled with new scent recipes, ideas for pillows, designs for packaging." "But I just have to take one day at a time and know it is coming."

You see I started out with two scents of oils named "man" and "woman" that I would take to the Flea Market at the Starlight Drive Inn off Moreland. I would make about 10 bottles and go there every Saturday and Sunday setting up 6 am with my kids. I have been told by people at shows that they can't smell my candles and my scents need to smell more like the oils they buy off the street. I have learned very important lessons over these 4 years here are the top 3:

1. Know your market: everything is not for everyone. If you know your market you will save a lot of your valuable time.

2. Know your position: I am not Diptyque Candles, yet. There are limitations to what I can produce and the amount of time I can produce it in. Some people understand this a lot of people do not.

3. Change to meet your growth: Don't allow your growth to take you somewhere then you don't understand how you got there. You need to know your business and be able to slow it down and speed up to meet where it is going.

Enjoy Chaka Khan today I know I will. Also I need to find out the name of this song she did for the Clockers soundtrack if you know the name send me an email. I used to listen to that song almost everyday (I just knew it was going to be my wedding song)about 5 years ago before someone broke in my house and stole all of my cd's, that's why now I have two ipods just in case.
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