Here comes the Wind again......

Well we are finally getting some cold weather again here in Atlanta and I like it a little bit. Somehow when I am inside with a fire my creative juices flow ever more so I make a lot of product. Crazy I know. I will however be going to finish the market at Gallery 3131 Buckhead today. I had a good time when I was able to make it. If you can stop by today since this is the last day and all just to say HEY! it would be great. I was speaking to one of the vendors Brenda Marsh who makes the cutest artisan glass jewelry (especially the silk necklaces) and realized I know of a lot of places that aren't that expensive to list your stuff. So I am going to list a few of them today for those who aren't aware.

1. (great for exposure and sales)
2. (great for international exposure)
3. (I keep getting rejected but that doesn't stop me from trying)
4. (I have submitted my site but I don't know yet)
4. (you can list your site in the Girl Wide Web if you are a girrrl)
5. (to submit your info to shows at one time and track which shows are coming up and the deadlines)

That is it for now. I hope it helps. Also if you are a creative artisan make sure you have these 3 things at a minimum:

1. an etsy page (not that expensive)
2. a blog (free)
3. listing on merchant circle (which helps with your search rankings)

There are a ton of other sites to get listed but these 3 will expand your customer base and the people who you meet at shows can google you and find you if they somehow throw away your card.

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