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WIM Apparel and Art www.wimmiw.com is owned and operated by my daughter Bria Roberts.  It is here where she is able to not only demonstrate her unique design aesthetics but it is also where we offer our Play Your Hand series available as apparel.  I am very proud of the woman she has become and her unique voice.  She is a self taught graphic designer and illustrator. Play Your Hand...King Diamond No. 1 Beanie Play Your Hand...Queen Club No. 3 Women's T-Shirt Medusa #1-1's Sweatshirt Medusa #1-3B Leggings

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Here are our Featured Products this week. 1. Word on the Curb Acrylic Tray The original piece was created from newspaper/recycled junk mail/acrylic paint and spray paint.  Our Acrylic Tray's come in 3 sizes and feature the mixed media artwork as an insert. 2. One Man's Trash Apron The original is a mixed media photograph with The Headless Revolutionary in front of a building in Atlanta that has now been torn down for more mixed use compounds. 3. Play Your Hand...Queen Series No. 1 Wooden Coaster Set This series consists of all 4 design collaboration between www.rootcompass/www.wimmiw.com and 3 Piece...

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Our look for today...includes our "Play Your Hand...Queen Club No. 1" Coaster.   Fri-Yay... by threepieceurbanartisan featuring a red wine glass  

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