Featured Products 08/12/2018

Here are our Featured Products this week.

1. Word on the Curb Acrylic Tray

The original piece was created from newspaper/recycled junk mail/acrylic paint and spray paint.  Our Acrylic Tray's come in 3 sizes and feature the mixed media artwork as an insert.

2. One Man's Trash Apron

The original is a mixed media photograph with The Headless Revolutionary in front of a building in Atlanta that has now been torn down for more mixed use compounds.

3. Play Your Hand...Queen Series No. 1 Wooden Coaster Set

This series consists of all 4 design collaboration between www.rootcompass/www.wimmiw.com and 3 Piece Urban Artisan on a set of 4 Hexagonal Wooden Coasters.  The 4 designs in the No. 1 of Play Your Hand...Queen Series are all original mixed media pieces with the pattern, mixed media backgrounds and design itself being developed between my daughter Bria and I.