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New Packaging for Incidentals Candles

My latest mixed media painting that is also my new website background.Love Child in 4 oz tinElixir in 2 oz glass votiveSo I have been busy as ever between 6 shows in one week, attending all of Child Genius scholarship luncheons and prepping for the graduation party to end all graduation parties I decided to start over with my packaging. You see when I first started this here bidness I tried to...

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2009 is in full effect!

Hello, I am still working on my lab I will have pictures up tomorrow. I also just received an order to produce candles for the 2009 Trumpet Awards that take place January 25, 2009 here in Atlanta. It is a huge order and also very upscale so I spent Sunday and Monday testing new packaging exclusively for the event. Once I am done with the candles and they are packaged I will upload pictures for...

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New packaging design

Well that Winsome of Winsome Expressionssure is a creative soul. She always takes my ideas and breathes life into them. We are currently working on creating packaging that accomplishes two things: 1) is very appealing visually 2) shares some of the story of the candle scents. Once we have created them and have pictures I think everyone already knows I will post them. So stay tuned for the new and...

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