New Packaging for Incidentals Candles

My latest mixed media painting that is also my new website background.

Love Child in 4 oz tin

Elixir in 2 oz glass votive

So I have been busy as ever between 6 shows in one week, attending all of Child Genius scholarship luncheons and prepping for the graduation party to end all graduation parties I decided to start over with my packaging. You see when I first started this here bidness I tried to pretend that I was something I am obviously not refined. I am Urban, an Artisan and this is my boutique. So to that end ladies and gentlemen may I present my latest package incarnation. I love it, it's simple conveys my vision and stays true to spreading love the 3 Piece way. Aaaaand these are my new product shots for the website I like these a lot because I captured the product in the morning light against the brick it just really represents me well.

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