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3 Piece Urban Artisan and ShopNilu

We're so excited to announce that our products will be sold at ShopNilu in Harlem.  Starting this month they will be carrying a nice assortment of our goods that will include a selection of the below. Coasters Shower Curtains Aprons     So if you're in Harlem stop by ShopNilu and tell them 3 Piece Urban Artisan sent you.  They're making a concerted effort to introduce the world to Black Makers and Designers, that is an honorable effort in this current landscape.

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New York New York Big City of Dreams

Photo by D-NiceSoooo I just recently became a sponsor at Cup of Joand BOY you should have seen my website hits last night. I mean she just put the link up late yesterday afternoon. I have this service called hitslink that shows what websites people are coming from to get to my website as well as what area of the country they are in. When I logged in this morning there was this huge spike and every...

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