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So this is the first new 3 Piece product for 2011. I am pretty geeked up about it because it involves two things that are very near and dear to my heart, wine bottles and chalkboard paint! So ladies and gentlemen I present Chalkboard Wine Bottle Soy Candles now available on

Here are the links to make it a bit easier:

Green Chalkboard Wine Bottle Soy Candle: $20.00


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collage by Jacquelyn Roberts

above are the first images of some of the products I delivered to the I.C.E. Pop Up shop this weekend. The Grand Opening will be on November 26th and I'm ready, I'm ready! I will post two more collages of the product shots I took before delivering. However I will also be posting the coasters for sale at I tried to make it a little different by...

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So I am working on a slew of new products however here is one that is now uploaded in the shop. The image above inspired the coaster below. I saw this man while I was at an artwalk in the Old Fourth Ward here in Atlanta and stalked him for most of the night finally asking him to pose for several pictures for me. He reminds me of kisses on the wind shared with an old friend.

King Portrait No. 1...

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So Boy Wonder taught me some of the basics of Garage Band and I put that with my Windows Movie Maker knowledge and well the world might want to watch out.

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So below are some of the new products I have added to the Shop. I am sooo thankful that I have diversified my product lines and that I have done it one at a time. This allows me to create even when I run out of one thing (essential oils). I have found that when I am creating I am most at peace, so I keep moving. Also I have another great interview coming up this week at Ofifteenso make sure...

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