Freshly Delivered: I.C.E. Pop Up Shop Products

collage by Jacquelyn Roberts

above are the first images of some of the products I delivered to the I.C.E. Pop Up shop this weekend. The Grand Opening will be on November 26th and I'm ready, I'm ready! I will post two more collages of the product shots I took before delivering. However I will also be posting the coasters for sale at I tried to make it a little different by offering vintage containers with candles poured into them so they would be unique gifts to give.

Above I have a pair of vintage milk glass mugs with Top Shelf and Beaux candles poured into them, Set of 3 vintage pressed amber glass dessert set with Now, Elixir and Sweet Honey in the Rock poured into them, and I also scored a pair of vintage Smirnoff tin mugs that I poured Sing and Buggin into those. On the lower left is my new marble coaster Deep End No. 1 which will be up for sale by the end of the week.

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