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Incidentals by 3 Piece exclusive scent: BEAUX made with lemon, ginger,vanilla essential oils only.

I created this scent to honor my grandfather who we called BO. I wanted a way to honor his love of sweets and his memory. This scent smells exactly like lemon poundcake frosting. His favorite.

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Buggin which contains Lemongrass, Rosemary and Lavendar essential oils. I named this scent Buggin because it is great for repelling bugs all of the scents are known bug repellents. I also created this scent exclusively for the wedding of Hal and Sarah Lanier last year held outside in South Georgia and Hal is not a fan of citronella. So I had to become creative and do a lot of research....

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Well I am pouring today please know that today's batch of candles were put together to the sounds below. I am always asked the question "Why the name 3 Piece?" well here is the origination of the name. Please keep in my mind it has evolved over the years however this is where it started forming.

I dated a guy about 6 years ago who was a true ladies man. Well he wooed me to no end and I allowed...

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This scent was created by special request for Mrs. Lib Menger. She is the wonderful potter who created all of the custom pottery pieces that is used by 3 Piece. Love Child contains lavendar and patchouli essential oils and she wanted a scent that she and her husband Fred would both enjoy.

Mrs. Lib invited me over to her wonderful wonderland that contains a fabulous garden, greenhouse and...

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Well this scent is inspired by this quote "Love as though you have never been hurt before". Wow the strength that takes. Enough Said

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