Origin of the name: 3 Piece part 1

Well I am pouring today please know that today's batch of candles were put together to the sounds below. I am always asked the question "Why the name 3 Piece?" well here is the origination of the name. Please keep in my mind it has evolved over the years however this is where it started forming.

I dated a guy about 6 years ago who was a true ladies man. Well he wooed me to no end and I allowed him to receive the full depth of my love. Which really to tell you the truth is deeper than all the oceans combined. I love completely that is why now I am careful about allowing myself to really love because I don't measure it out I give myself to it. So I LOVED him and you could see it when you looked at me to the point where he told me one day "You look at me like I am a 3 Piece snack." After he said that his name became 3 Piece every time we went out I would call him 3 Pieeeeece. Well needless to say I have learned that not everyone is prepared to receive the full depth of your love so it becomes a burden, an albatross for them. He ended up choosing another who could measure her love better than I could so instead of allowing that negative to fester in my subconscious when I thought about the name of my company I thought about how much love I gave freely and how much I invested myself in another being. I wanted to love my company to that extent and give myself freely so my customers could feel it. That is why my company name is 3 Piece and no matter how much well meaning advisors suggest strongly that I change it I doubt if it will ever change because now it means so much in a positive light.

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