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Atlanta's Baddest Chicks event last night

So 3 Piece setup at the Atlanta's Baddest Chicks at Sugarhill in Underground Atlanta as part of the debut of The Julie Dexter Collection candle. It was a great time and of course Julie Dexter laid it down. Above are a few pictures from the event. Oh yeah I MET QUEEN SHEBA who wrote one of the poems that lift me and push me on the dark days. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Honey, I also met Ms. Francine Reed who...

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The Secret is out!!!!!!!!!! Look at what we have been doing!

3 Piece Introduces New Candles to Mark Two Special EventsEskimo Advertising AnnouncementAtlanta, Georgia, June 3, 2008 - 3 Piece announces the release of the Julie Dexter Collection candle and Alonzo Herndon candle benefitting The Herndon Home. The Julie Dexter Collection candle, filled with strawberry, coconut, ginger and lime, marks the drop of her new CD and will be featured at a release party...

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Jill Scott, Julie Dexter, Herndon Home oh my!

Well today has officially been one for the record books for 3 Piece. First ISM (Irwin Street Market) was so busy I think we had people going and coming all day since 8 am when I arrived. Then I notice one of my sister friends Jill Scott up front at Jake's Ice Cream counter well I turned slightly stalkerish and approached her about gifting her one of my candles. Low and behold as I am leaving about...

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