Jill Scott, Julie Dexter, Herndon Home oh my!

Well today has officially been one for the record books for 3 Piece. First ISM (Irwin Street Market) was so busy I think we had people going and coming all day since 8 am when I arrived. Then I notice one of my sister friends Jill Scott up front at Jake's Ice Cream counter well I turned slightly stalkerish and approached her about gifting her one of my candles. Low and behold as I am leaving about an hour later she is still at ISM and says " I love the candle, thank you" I thought I was going to pass out. So I proceed to tell her I am going to meet with Julie Dexter at Sugarhill and she should come out. Honey when I told Julie Dexter that Jill Scott said Hi, it was absolute nirvana ( I thought). Then Julie Dexter gets on stage and is tearing the house down stops between songs and proceeds to say live and on camera that she is going to light SUGAH by 3 Piece Online because we are New, Fresh and Funky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it gets any better I am going to need the paramedics.
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