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Here are some additional pictures from the June 26th event.

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So 3 Piece had a wonderful time on June 26, 2008 at The Herndon Home Fundraiser at The Herndon Home. The pictures speak for themselves. 3 Piece wants to thank Reginald Carson of Stylistocrat by R&R for being a wonderful host, Stacy Phillips Photography, Ainsworth & Alexander Catering, Chef Gregory Thompson, Proprietor • 678.457.0535 for the great Southern Style Grits Bar which was such a huge hit,...

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We had our debut at Irwin Street Market today and it was great!!! Ketch A Vibe recording artist Julie Dexter has collaborated with 3 Piece to introduce her own candle scent. I created the scent to reflect her jamaican and british heritage. The Julie Dexter Collection soy candle contains notes of strawberry, lime and coconut. It is a fruity, sweet smell with a sharp contrast of the lime with just a...

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Second set of pics from the Atlanta's Baddest Chicks event last night at Sugar Hill in Underground Atlanta.

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