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Good Morning Beautiful Bloom

image by j shot on 4/4/2010I took this shot while walking around Grant Park on Sunday with Boy Wonder and Child Genius. It was so beautiful and it's lovely to look at this morning while everything around my house including my screen porch is covered in pollen. The rains soon come so no worries. Also since I changed my diet and have only been using raw honey produced in Georgia I am not...

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NCS Fall Fling Best.Show.Ever (recap)

Well whew once again with the rest of the shows I have lined up for this year it is going to be hard to top this one. It was divine. Wonderful parents, food, music, shopping. I have tons of video this year that I am trying to edit and upload just to give an accurate reflection of how great it is, however WMM is not cooperating with my format so I am going to try JumpCut. Once I have the videos...

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