NCS Fall Fling Best.Show.Ever (recap)

Well whew once again with the rest of the shows I have lined up for this year it is going to be hard to top this one. It was divine. Wonderful parents, food, music, shopping. I have tons of video this year that I am trying to edit and upload just to give an accurate reflection of how great it is, however WMM is not cooperating with my format so I am going to try JumpCut. Once I have the videos edited I will upload here and on YouTube. Anywho back to the festivities Bria helped me at the show this year and I kept asking her after we packed up "Was I right or was I right?" and she said (as only Bria can say)"Yes Ma'am you were right". I had so much fun talking to everyone and you know this is my target market because everyone from last year came back to support me I even uploaded video from one customer. Also all of the new customers I gained were quite knowledgeable about the difference between soy and paraffin candles and understood the hard work it takes to create an all natural candle.

I danced, ate well (thanks to Bria who won't let me have any of my old favorites) and just had a grand old time. I love Neighborhood Charter School.

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