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I'm on the list

Well I am to deliver the 300 candles to the American Diabetes Association on Monday and guess what! I get to attend the function on November 6th, that's right the candle lady is on the list!!! So the coordinator stated "Who are you bringing as your plus one?" Sad sad song (cue the violin) I don't have a plus one now had she asked for a plus two that would be different but never fear 3 Piece will...

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Saturday for the Independent Artisan

Saturday for 3 Piece is beautiful but still a working day. I wake early before the kids so I can plan what we need to accomplish today. 3 Piece today will be working on several web orders I have received as well as planning my supplies order for next week. I am working on a better way of buying and storing essential oils. I read this great article about cool workspaces herethere is a blogger...

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Custom Throw Pillows

The pictures to the right are the custom throw pillows that I had made last year. Of course these are completely sold out but in January 2008 3 Piece will reintroduce the custom throw pillow line from last year. This time our pillows will be a lot funkier. Our custom throw pillows will use old t-shirts for the front and old jeans for the back of the throw pillow. It is designed to be reflective of...

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