Saturday for the Independent Artisan

Saturday for 3 Piece is beautiful but still a working day. I wake early before the kids so I can plan what we need to accomplish today. 3 Piece today will be working on several web orders I have received as well as planning my supplies order for next week. I am working on a better way of buying and storing essential oils. I read this great article about cool workspaces here there is a blogger who works from a vintage Airstream trailer as her workspace. I think that is too cool. Well I recently moved to a much smaller home and have had to become creative in carving out space for 3 Piece which I determined is determined to take over my entire house especially when pouring large orders. So I am on the lookout for cool trailers, mobile offices whatever that I can position in my backyard to create a separation of church and state. Ultimately I would like to be able to walk out my back door and go to a space that is funky and artistic where if I have another order for 300 candles everything else in our lives doesn't stop until the order is filled.
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