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I thought I would change it up a bit today give a you a "mixed bag" of goodies all in one post. ***Update*** I had to change it back to original format, it messes up the layout of my blog, sorry. I identify with Frida Kahlo very much because if I could not create and release all that is swirling in me I do believe I would go bat sh!! crazy. It is when I create that I am at my most powerful that I...

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You know when I speak with customers in person I am always asked this question "How did you get started?". Well I started making body oils for my son Kobe because his skin was so dry. So I researched natural remedies, well being who I am I always made too much and would take it to the Flea Market to sell. At first I only had two scents "Man" and "Woman" and people bought them. However, soon people...

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Well, I have decided to create three lines with Incidentals by 3 Piece :

  1. Signature Series created with 100% soy wax and scented only with essential oils. It will contain the current 13 scents that are now available: Sing, Live, Love, Dance, Country, Hug, Flirt, Kiss, Now, Buggin', Top Shelf, Scratch, and Smile.
  2. One Mic Series created with 100% beeswax and scented with only one essential oil....

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