Once you start.....

You know when I speak with customers in person I am always asked this question "How did you get started?". Well I started making body oils for my son Kobe because his skin was so dry. So I researched natural remedies, well being who I am I always made too much and would take it to the Flea Market to sell. At first I only had two scents "Man" and "Woman" and people bought them. However, soon people would ask if they could burn the oils and I stated no because there wasn't any alcohol or cutting agents in them. The questions from the customers started my research into all natural scents which lead me to incense at first. After thoroughly researching the creation process I quickly found I did not have the tools to create all natural incense then turned my attentions to all natural candles. I then fine tuned my product lines by only offering soy and beeswax candles and making the body oils on request only. I now am preparing to debut another product line which brings me to the title of my post, once you start the process of creation it always inevitably leads to so many other passions. It also brings you more in tune with creation as a whole as well.

As I watched the video of The S.O.S. Band I laughed because I remember my grandfather Bo coming in from the farm on Saturdays so he could watch the Solid Gold Dancers. Honey he was funny about those dancers and don't let me walk in front of the t.v. while he was watching he would snatch me so fast it wasn't funny. Miss you Bo.

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