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Design Inspiration: I 2 Sing America Series by 3 Piece Urban Artisan

  This series is inspired by the poem written by Langston Hughes in 1923 titled "I Too Sing America".   I first became aware of this piece of poetry when I bought a children's book for my son in 2002 that contains poems written by Langston Hughes.  18 years later I am now saving the same book for my grandchildren.   I Too Sing America by Langston Hughes I, too, sing America.  I am the darker brother.  They send me to eat in the kitchen  When company comes,  But I laugh,  And eat well, And grow strong.  Tomorrow,  I’ll be at the table  When company comes. Nobody’ll dare  Say to me,  “Eat in the kitchen,”  Then.  Besides,  They’ll see how beautiful I am ...

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