Design Inspiration: I 2 Sing America Series by 3 Piece Urban Artisan

I 2 Sing America Cork Coaster SetI 2 Sing America No. 2 Acrylic TrayI 2 Sing America No. 3 Glass Cutting Board


This series is inspired by the poem written by Langston Hughes in 1923 titled "I Too Sing America".  

I first became aware of this piece of poetry when I bought a children's book for my son in 2002 that contains poems written by Langston Hughes.  18 years later I am now saving the same book for my grandchildren.  

I Too Sing America

by Langston Hughes

I, too, sing America. 

I am the darker brother. 

They send me to eat in the kitchen 

When company comes, 

But I laugh, 

And eat well,

And grow strong. 


I’ll be at the table 

When company comes.

Nobody’ll dare 

Say to me, 

“Eat in the kitchen,” 



They’ll see how beautiful I am 

And be ashamed— 

I, too, am America.


There is a great write up in Smithsonian Magazine that dissects the multiple meanings combined with the time period in which the piece was written.  However for me it was relevant in 2002 and it is still relevant in 2020.