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I am so excited about learning something new and creating a new product line I am over the moon. I will be posting pictures from my lessons with Ms. Lib soon enough but just prepare yourself for a new line of pottery from 3 Piece. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

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This scent was created by special request for Mrs. Lib Menger. She is the wonderful potter who created all of the custom pottery pieces that is used by 3 Piece. Love Child contains lavendar and patchouli essential oils and she wanted a scent that she and her husband Fred would both enjoy.

Mrs. Lib invited me over to her wonderful wonderland that contains a fabulous garden, greenhouse and...

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Well of course an event is not an event without my head cheerleader Aletha Cherry. Her picture starts this lovely post. I am also including pictures of the candles that were poured into the pottery made exclusively by the artist that is Lib Menger. Lib gave me these pots to test before I inundate her with repeat orders to pour into. As you can see the pots are already gorgeous however with the...

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