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Books to Read: Memorial Drive - A Daughter's Memoir by Natasha Tretheway

Found out about this book via the new HrdCvr newsletter and I am so looking forward to the release. Below is a brief excerpt found here: "In this beautifully composed, achingly sad memoir, U.S. poet laureate Trethewey (Monument) addresses the 1985 murder of her mother, Gwendolyn, at age 40, at the hands of her ex-husband, the author’s former stepfather. Over the course of the narrative, Trethewey, 19 at the time of the killing, confronts her wrenching past, which she avoided for decades, as she tries to undo the “willed amnesia buried deep in me like a root.” Born in 1966 in Mississippi, she recalls her childhood in the racist South, the daughter of an African-American mother and a white Canadian...

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Interior Inspiration: Architectural Digest - Suzanne McFayden

This Architecural Digest feature of Suzanne McFayden's home in Austin Texas is the epitome of coming into one's own.  It's not designed for everyone but for Suzanne McFayden's time and moment, I love it.  I understand starting over as a divorced Black woman and having to reclaim space for yourself.  It is freedom. Again the art displayed here by Black Artists is a study in what I try to present everyday here at 3 Piece Urban Artisan.  Your art, home decor and living ware should reflect you and your experiences.

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