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So I wanted to start a new series of blog posts discussing the inspiration behind the mixed media pieces that I've created over the past two years. One of the mixed media pieces that took a long time to come together was Tease Me...Please Me...Love Me as it took on many forms before the final you see on the website.  I don't like to play favorites amongst my creations but I do love this one in particular for a large number of reasons, one of which being it took over 12 months to finally present it's final self. One of...

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This is a very emotional and inspirational video.  The Slave Wreck Project and the work of the Diving With a Purpose organization is necessary in understanding our history and reclaiming our purpose.

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This is an interesting series from Fuse...I like the concept of having artists remember what they loved to eat in their childhood.

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This conversation took place over 2 years ago but is providing me so much inspiration today.

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