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  Our exclusive scent Beloved is one of our products of the week.  Available in Amber glass (4 or 9 ounce), Square Clear Top Tin (4 or 8 ounce) or a Faceted Glass 4 ounce container.  Inspired by the Toni Morrison book of the same name.  Beloved contains notes of the following essential oils: Lavender/Frankincense/Ginger.

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Now Pouring two of our Incidentals Number 4 Gift Sets in the following scents:

  • BEAUX: top note - lemon, heart note - vanilla, base note - ginger
  • ELIXIR: top note - grapefruit, heart note - fig, base note - tobacco
  • SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK: top note - strawberry, heart note - chocolate, base note - cognac
  • SING: top note - orange, base notes - lemon and tangerine
  • FLIRT: top note - lemongrass, base note - sage
  • LOVE CHILD: top note - lavendar, base note - patchouli

Incidentals Candles


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The wax is melting #artisan #3pieceurbanartisan #urbanartisan #handcrafted

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