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and you can't stop 3 Piece. Today I am working on orders from friends for their stocking stuffers. a few people called last night and wanted to know if they were too late and my response was "Noooooooo". So this morning I am pouring about 10 candles for a few people who shall remain nameless. I am also going to work on a creation I saw here, it's called a ghetto lightbox. I think it will solve...

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Sooooo awhile back I think in July my friend Cherice calls me and tells me I can be interviewed on a talk show she is the host of. I am so excited that I send all of these annoying email blasts and bulletins on my myspace pageto tell everyone please watch me on tv. Welllllllllllllll it turned out to be a hot ghetto mess but a great interview if you can get over the camera man having the detox...

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