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Hyacinth oh how I love thee
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They are gone now let's all pour out a little for their beautiful scent.


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I know nothing of potted flowers and since I have a slight obsession with fresh flowers in the house I bought this combination of hyancith, daffodils and tulips at Wal-Mart to pot and then cut instead of buying cut flowers. Well I guess the good people at Wal-Mart didn't know you aren't supposed to plant daffodils and tulips in the...

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Everywhere I lay my eyes in My Space. I vowed on December 31, 2008 that in the upcoming year I would surround myself with only items that I love and have made the trip on Saturday mornings to the Kroger discount bucket to spend my allotted $10/week on flowers (well it's actually every 2 weeks) but the quote below embodies my mantra for this year. Also I posted pics of the flowers around my house...

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I am just working on some changes with the website and blog that will be unveiled shortly. Also enjoying my new schedule and making plans for the upcoming market season. I can tell you that now that I am part-time and working from home I have fresh flowers everywhere, it is amazing what happens when you slow the merry go round down and focus.

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