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Dining Room 3 Piece Style

Craftwork 101: The Barber Coaster (new in the 3 Piece Shop) $10.00

Sweet Potato Print by Cedric Smith $125.00

Handcrafted Walnut and Copper Dining Table by Jesse Dirk $550.00

Custom Maple and Cherry chairs by Ruppel Design $525.00

Some of the items above especially that walnut dining room table really get my motor running. I have had my eye on the print by Cedric Smith for...

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Everywhere I lay my eyes in My Space. I vowed on December 31, 2008 that in the upcoming year I would surround myself with only items that I love and have made the trip on Saturday mornings to the Kroger discount bucket to spend my allotted $10/week on flowers (well it's actually every 2 weeks) but the quote below embodies my mantra for this year. Also I posted pics of the flowers around my house...

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