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Here are some of our Featured Products this week. 2995 Apron This is a Root Compass design that we've added to the 3 Piece Urban Artisan shop.  It is a design rooted in the two places that we bear witness to even today.  2795 Tilson Rd Decatur GA and 2901 Doyle Avenue Columbus GA. Product of Environment Wooden Coaster Set This design was inspired by a detour from Waze on Auburn Ave and the following Jay Z quote:  “Identity is a prison you can never escape, but the way to redeem your past is not to run from it, but...

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As seen on polyvore:   Play Your Hand...King by threepieceurbanartisan featuring a black bar cart

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The JRG Group helped put together a showcase of our latest offerings:    

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I Told Them Throw Pillow is one of our products of the week.  Inspired by a quote from Ursula Burns and the NYPL releasing fantastic historical images.  I Told Them is also available as a piece of art, acrylic tray and coaster set.   I Told Them Throw Pillow

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We created a new A Rose is Still a Rose Pinterest Board to gather all the elements of what inspires A Rose is Still a Rose Throw Pillow one of our products of the week this week.  Take a look below:  

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