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I'm now rewatching this to help hone all of the feelings I currently have about the current climate.  

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This particular interview is 3 years old but still provides me with a ton of inspiration. p> 

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Tower of Power: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert   This entire session has me up dancing and throwing paint everywhere...my goodness real instrumentation and those horns...those horns...     j

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Here are some of our Featured Products this week. 2995 Apron This is a Root Compass design that we've added to the 3 Piece Urban Artisan shop.  It is a design rooted in the two places that we bear witness to even today.  2795 Tilson Rd Decatur GA and 2901 Doyle Avenue Columbus GA. Product of Environment Wooden Coaster Set This design was inspired by a detour from Waze on Auburn Ave and the following Jay Z quote:  “Identity is a prison you can never escape, but the way to redeem your past is not to run from it, but...

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WIM Apparel and Art www.wimmiw.com is owned and operated by my daughter Bria Roberts.  It is here where she is able to not only demonstrate her unique design aesthetics but it is also where we offer our Play Your Hand series available as apparel.  I am very proud of the woman she has become and her unique voice.  She is a self taught graphic designer and illustrator. Play Your Hand...King Diamond No. 1 Beanie Play Your Hand...Queen Club No. 3 Women's T-Shirt Medusa #1-1's Sweatshirt Medusa #1-3B Leggings

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