3 Piece Household Recipes: Glass Spray

3 Piece Household Recipes: Glass Spray

We know cleaning bathrooms with big mirrors is hard for those with big mirrors, from finding the long-handle tools that work to using the right Spray. I was able to find a fantastic Glass Spray recipe that works wonders.

Glass Spray Recipe:

  • 16 oz Empty Spray Bottle
  • 4 oz Peroxide
  • 2 oz Vinegar
  • .5 Ml Essential Oil: 3 Piece Buggin Scent
  • 8 oz Distilled Water 
  1. Grab the Spray Bottle and add the vinegar
  2. Add the Peroxide and the Essential Oil
  3. Add the Distilled water - fill until the bottle is full (Depending on the bottle top, it could be 8 oz or 10 oz)
  4. Shake the bottle before every use.

This Spray will last a month with excellent results. Please keep it in a dark and cool place. Anything after one month, results can't be guaranteed. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe.

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