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“NEW BRAND” HIGHLIGHT // POUVOIR // The founders Talk Merging Art With Fashion:

How long have you known you wanted to do what you are currently working on?

Since we were younger in Jr. High and High School people always known we were stylish and fashion forward. As we got older we matured with our style and really got comfortable taking risks in what we wore. What we found out was that the more unique the pieces were that we wore, the more reaction we’d get from friends or even random people noticing us on the street. We started to believe we could come up with a great platform that expressed our passions, art and fashion.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

What drives us is knowing there are people out there who are passionate about the same things we are. Which is fashion, paintings, architecture, statues, sculptures, graffiti, patterns, and powerful images.

Knowing the pieces we make will be a conversation piece for our customers is what we want to strive to accomplish every time, while being…well just fucking dope!

How did you overcome your own doubts and the doubts of other people?

Keep pushing, keep grinding and keep positive! Also just believing in each other and knowing that we can create really great fashion pieces. Like no matter what hurdle you have to go through just keep jumping over them because if you got this far why stop at ‘Well the thought of doing a fashion line sounded cool.’

Before we started designing the shirts we made a point that if we’re going to do this we have to go full measure, not half measure. And in order to go the full we had to do our research. We didn’t want to splatter our logo everywhere or copy other brands looks or use cheap material for our pieces. We wanted to create our own interpretation of what we believe is Art fused with Fashion.

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