New Beeswax Candles

I lit my new beeswax tapers last night while I was burning two of my soy wax scents. So I was burning Kiss in the kitchen, Love in the living room and I put the tapers on the dining room table between the areas. Well, let me tell you before when I would burn two scents in the same vicinity the scents sort of blend in the air together. What I learned last night was because the beeswax were burning as sort of a filter the scents were much clearer as I went back and forth between the areas. I also have been reading a lot about the effects of beeswax candles and how healthy they are for you here: and here: I cannot in all honesty profess to know 100% the benefits but I do know it smelled so lovely last night in the house. I also know I never get headaches from all of the smells even though I blend the essential oils myself and pour the candles.
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