To Wal-Mart or Not to Wal-Mart

So anyone that knows me knows I am the very definition of the word INDEPENDENT. It is a tool of survival developed since age 5 no need to go any further with that. So I received an email blast about a meeting with minority/women owned businesses regarding "how to do business with walmart?", well I thought about it for all of two seconds. My response: I DON'T WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH WALMART. I sell recyled, vintage, retro and sometimes antique furnishings, a line of high-end custom handpoured soy wax candles and I don't fit the Walmart mold. But you see here is where I am conflicted because I must confess I shop at Walmart because it is convenient and a whole other list of excuses. But I thrive in thrift stores, antique shops, quirky boutiques, hell I almost had an orgasm in Finder's Keepers one day over this great Teak Dining Room Table. It is the thrill of the find that drives me with furniture, the thrill of scent with candles. My customers are not Walmart shoppers for the items they purchase from me they seek me because of the fact I am INDEPENDENT. I think sometimes when you have a independent boutique and it is very hard you sometimes just want to have a break. But I will not be seduced I will hold out because if not then the whole world will be just one big WALMART and I don't like the sound of that.
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