Candle Scents 101 #1

Candle Scents 101 #1


As most of you know this was my first scent and it smells just like an orange. It is all citrus containing notes of tangerine and grapefruit to name a few essential oils. Well the name of the candle actually comes from two different quotes listed below.
  • I know why the caged bird sings: which is actually the book title of the first in her autobiography series by Maya Angelou. The scent sings because it has no choice but to sing it is that glorious and fresh.
  • Sing like noone is listening: which is evidently attributed to Mark Twain. Well for those who know me personally they have well documented knowledge that I cannot carry a tune in a bucket but does that stop me from singing. NO!!! So once again the scent sings because even though it is a basic scent it is elegant in it's simplicity.

So there you have it this is what inspired me to name this scent. I love this scent because it is a universal scent. Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh orange just as you begin to peel it? Noone I dare say Noone.

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