Being of Independent Mind and Body

Being of independent mind and body it takes skill, determination and unwavering dedication to continue to push when conventional wisdom states at some point you will need to rest. Being of independent mind and body is without a shadow of a doubt a prerequisite for being an entrepenuer. Being of independent mind and body is also a non negotiable to ensure that you are not easily swayed by people who only want to use your light for their gain. Being of independent mind and body is the only way to ensure you stay on your path and don't end up being a donkey to carry someone else's on theirs. Stay true all of you who hustle because you don't know any other way. Stay true those of you who go to bed at 1 am to awake at 5 am not because the alarm is set but because your mind starts NOW and it is time to make the doughnuts. Stay true to the very essence of who you are because without the hustle would you even exist.

I posted this late last year on Myspace. I wanted to repost here because it is driving me hard today.
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