Inspiration and Motivation Personified

What you see above is the reason why. Some of you may know but many don't I work full-time, run 3 Piece full-time and am a single mother of two. I tell you that I have been given the two greatest children in the world. Bria will be 16 in August and Kobe is 9 (going on 35). They are both intelligent, funny,witty,and very protective. I have no financial backer, husband, parents to get a loan from. I do this because I have no other choice so I take everything I earn and put it back in. I take the blows when business is slow and so do they. But you know what when I start thinking this is too hard they look me in the eye and say "But Mommy you can't close our business". Inspiration and Motivation personified.

On a side note: This will probably be my last personal post like this but this has been on me for a few days now and I had to share.
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